Social butterfly.

When I pushed the door car and set foot into the crossroad to enter my college for the first time has been one of the most unconventional feelings that I have ever felt. Moments like this is when I wish they can get better. The minutes are starting to feel like hours once again.  I’ve … More Social butterfly.


“Tic… Toc…Tic…Toc…” I’ve been listening this for months now repeatedly like a bad cliche song stuck in my head. As I plead to god to give you more time. I hate you cancer. You hateful, horrible disease. It is insanity; it’s unbelievable, How this cancer struck her hard and fast, I wasn’t even given time to … More Breathe.


Si mañana muriera quisiera dejar plasmadas algunas ideas que hoy aprendí. Pido perdón a mis padres, por conocerme muy poco y no dejar que me conozcan, por ocultarme constantemente las cosas, por miedo a decepcionarles. Hubiera querido ser su hija perfecta y al menos ocultando mis imperfecciones lo era. Quisiera decirle a mi mejor amiga … More Confesiones.


You’re not reading this, but I’m still in love with you. I tried hiding it when we were walking. I didn’t want to scare you. I guess I said we could be friends, but looking at your face is like drilling holes in my lungs and reading your words makes all of my limbs ache. … More Suppositions.

Catch me.

I’m falling again And nobody wants to pick me up. Since summer, We are just avoiding each other. You’re avoiding me. Slipping through my fingers I could’ve had you, But I was too late. Now we’re just strangers, Again.