-“Mom? What is it to give up?”

-“I don’t know sweety, we are women.”

I asked my mother this question not so long ago and her response keeps reckoning my ears. The sensation of feeling like drowning and there is no way out feels like nothing now, it’s way worse.

Although I always feel a little hope in this vastly hurricane.

Women who are consistently let down, hurt, and underestimated this one is for you.

You might not have any idea what to do right now, but I have just one word to say to you and it is: FIGHT.

Fight for you, your dreams, family, rights, your disease, and anything that is pausing your life.

It is your duty to fight until your last battle.

You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.

I know it feels like you’ve been through hell, but you will soon come out from the darkness that is bringing you down.

Just don’t absorb nothing, from this moment on you are a rock.

Nothing breaks you and don’t you ever give that power to anyone.

This is why I am here to remind you about the choices you have right now.

Either you become a passive victim of a circumstance or an active hero of your own life.

Now, it’s time for you to choose which path you want to take.



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