A throne inside of me.

All I can feel in this very single moment is that I am lost in the open,

and nothing seems to take the pain away.

They have thrown me to the the wolves

But I  promise I’ll come back and be the leader of the whole goddamn pack.

Beaten down in every single way won’t only  leave me marked scars in my soul for life, but every single wound will shape me.

All of them seemed harmless once since they had so much devotion towards me and cajolery. However, I was too naive back then to realize all their words were truly sticks and stones that broke me slowly and deeply.

I started to see the bright side of things and now I thank them all since those stick and stones they once threw me I have now built an empire of strength and rage.

They are the reason why I still fight and rebuild what they have broken inside of me.

So don’t even try to cry me a river, because I will NEVER forgive you.

Now, you know that every wound has shaped me, made me someone better and these scars you see now, are pieces of my throne.



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